Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wedding Season Starts Now!

Welcome to the Traverse City Weddings Blog! Stay tuned for updates on the wonderful world of weddings in Northern Michigan. Wedding season Up North begins now...check back soon for what's new, what's great and what's happening.

Premier Floral Design's New Location

Premier Floral Design is proud to announce their new location at The Old State Hospital Building 50 known as the Mercato. Our new address is 800 Cottageview Drive Suite 55, Traverse City, Michigan 49684. You can reach us at 231-947-1167.

A mid week, small intimate wedding.

The Traverse City State Park Beach and Picnic area was the site of Christy and Heath's Wednesday evening wedding. Although the day was drizzly, breezy and cold, our bride and groom did not seem to notice. They had other things on their mind. Love conquers all.

The couple had two of their best friends serve as their attendants and witnesses.

Christy and Heath came to Traverse City to get married with beach pictures in mind. After the ceremony, we moved down to the waters edge where the groom did not need any coaching to cuddle up to his lovely bride to keep her warm. It was Purcell Photography's honor to be part of Christy and Heath's special day. Best wishes for a bright future.
~~Cathy, Purcell Photography

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day !

As the official beginning off summer, Traverse City Weddings would like to remember all those who died in the service of our country.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Different Bridal Party Dance

At our wedding last night, the bride and groom chose to do something a little different during the bridal party dance. This is the first time I have seen this and thought it was such a nice touch, I wanted to share it.

Its pretty common that the 2nd dance of the night is to honor the bridal party members. Since all the attendants were married, they had each one dance with their spouse instead of the traditional person who they walked down the aisle with.

Instead of picking the one song to have the dance to, they found out what each couple danced to at their own wedding, the song they 1st danced to. They had the dj put together a special mix that played about :30 of each song, usually around the chorus. What a great idea and how special was that! Now I am not sure what you would do if some weren't married, but it worked well in this case.

Thinking to myself during this dance, it would of been even better if they would of had all the couples start in a circle lined up around the edges of the dance floor. Then when it was that couples song, they would dance in the middle. What a way to bring back some memories and honor your attendants.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Podcasts on traversecityweddings.com

Tentatively scheduled to debut in June, Traverse City Weddings will be launching a series of free podcasts on a variety of topics right on our website.

You will be able to listen to them right on the website, download them to listen at a later time, or load them into your favorite mp3 player. Check our blog next week as we list the topics for the 1st series of podcasts.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wedding at Crystal Mountain

Saturday was gorgeous and Purcell Photography traveled to Crystal Mountain for Jennifer and Andy's wedding.

Before the ceremony, everybody climb on a bus and we traveled to a cherry orchard and to Lake Michigan for some fantastic shots that you can only get here in beautiful northern Michigan. We also were working with Traverse City's premier videographers, Bay Area Video. The Bay Area Video team was excellent to work with.

The marriage was an outside ceremony on the lawn in front of the gazebo. The colors were a chocolate brown and sky blue combination. This theme was carried through out the ceremony and reception. We were impressed with all the details. From the coffee bean candle centerpieces for the cocktail tables, to the blue candies on the candy buffet table, everything was perfect. The Bride and Groom wanted a fun and relaxed feeing for themselves and their guests.

Adirondack chairs were an important part of their wedding theme. The wedding cake, the place card holders, napkin holders were all part that idea.

Congratulations to Jenny and Andy

~~Cathy, of Purcell Photography

Monday, May 14, 2007

How technology can enhance your wedding day . . . Bay Area Video

Last year we began offering the SDE (Same Day Edit), which is a cinematic highlight of your wedding day that is edited through out the day of your wedding and shown at your reception on the big screen. The same day edit creates what we call the WOW factor. Guests are truly amazed when they see a video of your wedding that just took place a few hours ago artistically edited right in front of them.

With a same day edit, you get to share those cherished moments your guests didn't get to see. Starting with the bride & bridesmaids at the salon, the guys on the golf course, the bridal party getting ready and the moments leading right up to and including the ceremony.

As the same day edit became a popular package, we realized it did more then create amazement. Not only do we get to share those dramatic, emotional, and funny moments the guests don't see, we get to share the day with the guests that didn't make it to the ceremony and arrived only for the reception.

Realizing the highlight is completed on the day of the wedding, it then can be shared with anyone you want to the following day. We created a site called ourweddingpodcast.com, which allows you to share it with friends, realitives, and coworkers who were not at the wedding. HINT: make sure the boss is at lunch when you call the entire office over to your computer at work.

These master pieces run about 10 minutes and are in addition to the full version dvd of the entire day. When the video is over and we get the same question everytime, "how did you do that?" it reminds us why we love doing what we do!

Stay Tuned! Next we will cover how sharing your special day has never been easier.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Our first wedding of the year!

On Saturday, May 5th Purcell Photography had their first wedding of the year. Harbor Springs was the location that Tom and Laura chose for their small, intimate wedding. The ceremony was attended by the people who were most important in their lives...their parents.

The ceremony was performed by a very good friend of the couple which also added to their special day. Even though the day was a bit blustery, our Bride and Groom wanted at least some water pictures. Fortunately, the wind gave us a break and we got some great bay shots.

Then, it was on to Harbor Springs famous eatery, the New York Restaurant, for their celebration dinner.

We wish Laura & Tom many years of happiness.

---Cathy, Associate Photographer for Purcell Photography

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Engagement Photos by Purcell Photography

On Friday May 4 Purcell Photography with met Sarah & Matt for engagement photos. It was a beautiful day and we were able to take advantage of some of our great sites here in Traverse City.

Sarah and Matt are a friendly, outgoing and fun loving couple. They were so relaxed and ready to have a good time with their photos, which made our job easy. They are both naturals in front of the camera. Sarah knew how to "work " the camera, and Matt has a great smile. Also, Sarah and Matt also had some of their own ideas for poses and settings and this made their photos very much a representation of who they are as a couple.

We looking forward to their June 9th wedding at the Haggerty Center. It should be a wonderful day with Fantastic photos to prove it!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome! Traverse City Weddings is excited to announce the blog to our website. Read all about Northern Michigan Weddings that take place through out our area. Stay tuned for all the wonderful insights Traverse City Weddings will share about getting married in Northern Michigan.

The Traverse City Weddings Blog will be very unique as there will be many participating. You will get the perspective from a Wedding Planner, Florist, Photographer, Videographer, Bridal Fashions, Cake Artist, Hair & Makeup, & DJ all in one location, how cool & unique is that!

Bookmark Traverse City Weddings as it will become a favorite source of info for you.

This year Traverse City Weddings will also be launching our online media-on-demand segments and streaming podcasts.