Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sunshine wins again!!

On Saturday May 17th Purcell Photography traveled to the Charlevoix for a Betsy and Jonah's wedding at the charming Belvedere Club.

Our couple had planned a beatuful spring time wedding in Norhtern Michigan, but alas, an hour before the start of the wedding it was pouring rain. Our bride, however, was taking it all in stride as it was going to take more than a little rain to ruin her special day.

The pink umbrellas were perfect and useful props for the all the ladies as pictures were taken. And, as it always seem to happen, we finish taking photos on our dry porch, the sky began to lighten, the clouds parted and blue sky appreared on the horizon. Volunteers were rounded up and the towel brigade went to work, chairs were dryed and guests were seated.

As our lovely bride walked down the isle she did it in sunshine and loving gaze of her husband to be. Later, the celebration continued at the Belvedere Club...our best wishes to Betsy & Jonah

Cathy, Purcell Photography