Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bay Area Video wins 1st place - Best Videographer in Northern Michigan

Wedding Video in Northern Michigan!

Thank you so much for filming our destination wedding and putting together such an incredible full length DVD and shorter highlight version of it for us to show at our reception back home.  So many people came to us and commented on how perfectly they could hear everything and how it made them feel like they were actually at the wedding.  We have watched it over twenty times now with different friends and family members and everytime we are reminded of how special our wedding was and we get flooded with memories of that day. 
The video was so impressive that many friends of ours who are engaged asked how far you travel to work!  We have also had many friends and family members ask for copies of the DVD for them to have at home. Most importantly, thank you for working with us to accomodate all the preferences we had and for fitting our time schedule. You truly cared about all the different aspects that were important to us, and we are extremely grateful for that.  We have been recommending that our friends get married in Northern Michigan just so that they can hire you and also get such a special and professionaly done video as we did.  It was really nice meeting you and thanks for all your work!      From Illinois